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Golden Grove Sugar Company

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Sugar Cane Processing

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Private Negotiated Sale

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Project Overview

TCL Asset Group Inc., is offering a unique opportunity to purchase Golden Grove Sugar Company located in Duckenfield, St. Thomas, Jamaica. The principal activity of the company was the operations of a 3,853 farm for growing cane and a complete sugar mill for the production of cane sugar and molasses. The estate lands are leased for a period of 50 years with an option to renew for a further 25 years. 

At this time we are offering the lands and production facility for sale by Private Negotiated Sale.

1. Maximum capacity of cane processing to raw sugar at this mill was around 2000 tpd.

2. The Mill House – (5 mills) tandem. There is a cane feed table with cane grabber, cane knives, shredder. There are 2 drives for 5 mills. The 1st drive runs mills ##1,2,and 3 by turbine and Philadelphia gearbox. The 2nd drive runs mills ##4 and 5 by turbine and Lufkin gearbox. All mills are 3 rolls mills and there are no feed rolls attached to them. Size of Mill Rollers are: 33 inches Diameter x 60 inches Long

 3. Sugar Processing House principal equipment is: (3) juice heaters, (5) vacuum pans without agitators and (11) horizontal crystallizers, (5) bodies 4 stage evaporator, (2) rotary vacuum filters, (2) continuous centrifuges and (2) batch centrifuges. During the campaign it was used one batch and one continuous centrifuge There are also (2) new C32MT Broadbent batch sugar centrifuges installed in 2012. Pumps include 1 reported new raw juice pump, 2 Nash vacuum pumps condensate pumps, mud and filtrated pumps were installed in 2013- 2014.

4. Power House consists of 4 Babcock bagasse boilers, each rated at 12.5 TPH at 180 psig and 485 degree F, (1) 1.5MW Triveni steam turbogenerator, (3) Diesel Generators with 2 MW total capacity. Reported that factory consumption was 2.3.MW.

The sugar equipment can be sold for relocation or used in place with the real estate available for an additional price. The milling equipment and equipment of sugar house could be sold individually.

This sale is in conjuction with Perry Videx, LLC and PwC Jamaica


Golden Grove Sugar Company


Duckenfield , St. Thomas, Jamaica

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