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Sale Date:

May 12, 2015

Inspection Date:

By Appt.


Terrance Jacobs


(416) 736-1367


Project Overview

The former assets of an aluminum window manufacturing plant including machine shop and inventory of aluminum extrusion will be available for sale by online auction.  Bidding will close on May 12, 2015. Assets are located in Saint-Jude, Quebec - Approximately One Hour East of Montreal, Quebec.

Bidding available on - more details to follow. Complete Asset List Coming Soon!


  • molding cut-off saw, c/w manual pusher infeed, & outfeed w/ rollers

  • molding storage rack

  • tilting assembly table

  • hydraulic press

  • screen assembly table c/w Desoutterair operated drill, model AFDK, ser. no. 14816, & accessory equipment

  • bench punch press (#P5)

  • orange steel workbench

  • Alceco bench punch press, model 4-1P, ser. no. 1230

  • lot of workbenches

  • industrial vacuum cleaner

  • Beaver table saw

  • Van Mark Mark-1-Series 12'6" sheet metal bending brake, model M1250, ser. no. 120158

  • Covel surface grinder, c/w 6" x 18" magnetic chuck, style 20, ser. no. 20-395

  • lot, contents of Stockroom #1

  • XLO surface grinder, motor I.D. no. 64767CZ

  • oxygen-acetylene welding outfit c/w cart

  • GML Marcati punch press, model 16/5, ser. no. 16/5-001

  • window test station

  • lot of storage racking & carts for aluminum extrusion

  • wood stapling machine

  • Dewalt radial saw

  • 2-blade saw c/w dust collector

  • Sicotte hydraulic saw, model J210, ser. no. 326, c/w hydraulic power pack

  • rail-mounted travelling saw c/w dust collector & worktable (#S13)

  • A-Z Extravac 3 h.p. dust collector, model AZ-3, ser. no. 86023238

  • table saw

  • Miller arc welder, 200 amps, ser. no. N298020

  • portable electrical unit

  • Meba horizontal bandsaw

  • Fairbanks-Morse vertical bandsaw

  • worktable c/w (2) vices, (2) double-end bench grinders, Gorilla bench drill press, model LCN-14, ser. no. 14190, & manual press

  • Hyundai International Halla lathe, model T45-10II, ser. no. T40216, approx. 18" sw. x 39" cc., c/w attachments

  • First pedestal drill press, model LC-25, ser. no. 420493

  • carts c/w assorted tools, etc.

  • storage rack c/w assorted tooling, etc.

  • Lagun vertical turret milling machine, model FTV-1, 3 h.p., variable speed, 9" x 42" table,longitudinal power feed, c/w Mitutoyo XY digital readout, & milling vice

  • Bridgeport 2-head vertical turret milling machine, 1.5 h.p. motors, variable speed, 9" x 48" table, s.n.'s J161892 & J164165, c/w True-Trace Synchro-Trace hydraulic tracer, model 1053-01, ser. no. 1769, c/w Synchro-Trace II control

  • portable tool chest

  • Alceco bench punch press, model 6-1P, ser. no. 413 (#P2)

  • bench punch press (#P3)

  • saw (#S7)

  • Japax CNC wire-cut EDM, model LV3, ser. no. 161-50-1745, c/w model JAPT-3JU control unit, model FE-02 power supply unit, & model PW20X-B coolant unit

  • air-operated triple drilling station, incl. Desoutter drill, model AFDK

  • Wainbee air-operated 2-spindle drilling machine (#D2)

  • bench punch press (#P1)

  • lot, contents of stockroom #2

  • portable tool cabinet

  • A & H Hi-Flo 10 h.p. air compressor

  • sections of racking in stockroom #3

  • lot, contents of stockroom #3

  • workbench on casters

  • Feeler (Fair Friend Enterprises), CNC vertical machining centre, model FV-800, ser. no. VD327, 18-tool automatic tool changer, 10 h.p., approx. 17" x 37" table, Fanuc O-M control, Habor cooler, 220 volt, 3 phase

  • press c/w accessories

  • dust collector

  • TigerStop cut-to-length programmable automatic stop/gauge and pusher system, c/w hydraulic cut-off circular saw w/ approx. 12" blade, approx. 12' pusher infeed, 20' roller outfeed, & keypad control

  • 4-station rollformer c/wEZE Tool 10" slide compound miter saw, ser. no. 20070600256

  • Gerrard-Ovalstrapping vinyl strapping machine, model LMM,

  • streel strapping reel c/w Signode tool

  • Miller D.C. MIG welder, model CP-250-TS, c/w Millermatic-10E wire feeder

  • Kearney & Trecker milling machine, model 2CE Univ. Mill, ser. no. 2CE-3399

  • Toledo platform scale

  • ELU vertical v-notch saw, model KS101, ser. no. 21139

  • Pincor 10 h.p. portable gas generator, 4000 watts, model PRF4000, ser. no. 59624

  • saw

  • 32" x 48" hydraulic scissor lift table c/w hydraulic power pack

  • Elu vertical v-notch saw, model KS101, ser. no. 21136, c/w infeed and outfeed assembly conveyors, & tooling, etc.

  • vertical assembly table

  • vertical assembly table

  • bench drill press, model JTD-184, ser. no. 805226 (#D5)

  • bench punch press (#P4)

  • horizontal hydraulic assembly table c/w hydraulic power pack

  • lot of carts

  • angle bending rolls

  • Gardner Denver Tough Breed 5 h.p. air compressor

  • shingle saw

  • wood planer

  • wood saw

  • wood saw (#S4)

  • plywood saw (#S17)

  • job site tool chest

  • Hako floor scrubber

  • punch presses

  • sections of pallet racking

  • pallet trucks


  • Mobile Lift lift truck

  • Raymond electric reach truck, model 810E3RTN, ser. no. 6646, 3,000 lbs. cap., 24 volts D.C.

  • EZ-Lift lift truck, model B67, ser. no. 1774, 1,500 lbs. cap.

  • Hyster gasoline indoor-outdoor forklift truck, 8,000 lbs. cap., model H80C, ser. no. C5T-6656S, 2-stage mast, dual front tires, all-terrain tires, lift heightapprox. 170"

  • Yale propane indoor-outdoor forklift truck, 5,000 lbs. cap., model GLP050RGE83.4, ser. no. A875B13954Y, 3-stage mast, side-shifter, lift height approx. 189"

  • Massey-Ferguson tractor, model MF32, ser. no. 1687004318, c/w snow plow, bucket, & PTO driven snow blower


  • lot of aluminum extrusion inventory:

  • reported weight approx. 33,329 lbs

  • lot, sheet metal inventory:

  • reported approx. (66) sheets 4' x 8', & 40 sheets 4' x 10'

  • lot, assorted inventory of plastic extrusion, Lexan, foam, molding, wood, etc.


  • lot of office furniture and equipment, etc.

Sale conducted in conjunction with: Crescent Commercial Corporation


Saint-Jude, Quebec, Canada

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