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Plastics Industry

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Project Overview

AUCTION CANCELLED  - Assets are no longer available for sale.

Polynov is an industrial-scale state-of-the-art polymer film and sheet co-extrusion laboratory with the ability to work with cast film; sheet; light weight extrusion coating; and heavy gauge extrusion coating. 

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Major assets include:

  • Coperion Twin screw extruder, model ZSK 25-CP, Project # 03-3167, s/n 03-3167-1000-0101 (2003), 9 barrels plus feed section, electrically heated barrel / liquid cooled w/ closed lool system, 22kw main drive motor, 12 zone temp control panel w/ Eurotherm 2216 controllers;  (2) Coperion Side feeders, model ZSB 25. ID# 717704 (2003)
  • Coperion twin screw extruder, model ZSK 40 MC, Project # 03-3168-1000-0101 (2003), gearbox ratio 3.13:1, 75 hp main drive motor, 9 barrels plus feed section, electrically heated barrel and liquid cooled having closed loop system
  • Davis Standard single screw extruder, 2" diameter barrel, model 20IN20, s/n AP061 (2003), gearbox ratio 17.56:1, SO7701, 50hp max rating gearbox, 50 hp main drive motor, electrical heated barrel and 4 zone air cooled barrel 
  • Davis Standard pedestal single screw extruder, 1.5" diameter, model KIS125, s/n AN843 (2003), gearbox ratio 15:1, SO# 77017, 50hp max rating gearbox, 50 hp main drive motor., electrically heated barrel and 3 zone air cooled barrel, 7 zone temp control panel having Eurotherm, model 2208 controllers
  • Coperion side feeders, model ZSB-40, ID# 726459 (2003)
  • Gala underwater pelletizing system, model SLC 6, 4 KW main drive motor, s/n 10201661, 40GPM water system with Gala spin dryer, model 2008-BF
  • Davis Standard MDO unit, 9 roll design, w/hot wateroil heating stations, machine # 60684700, no. 7633 (2003)
  • Davis Standard unwind stands 
  • 3-roll Davis Standard horizontal sheet take off, 20” diameter rolls x 54” wide with individual driven rolls, s/n AP068 (2003)
  • Davis Standard 2 position slitting station, razor wheel design, s/n AP071
  • Mechanical sheer
  • Multi Component Brabender feed system for extruders
  • Component Maguire weigh scale blenders 
  • Liquid injection pumping system
  • Zenith gear pump, model# 60-20000-2066-4, SO# 62431943.1C (2003); (1) Zenith gear pump, model 60-20000-2084-4, So# 6440023JM (2003) w/20 hp main drive motor
  • Misc. spare parts etc..

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8745 1er Croissant, Anjou, Quebec, Canada

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