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Semi-Submersible 812 Person Accommodation Vessel

Auctions & Liquidations Semi-Submersible 812 Person Accommodation Vessel

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Sale Date:

Sep 14, 2016

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Inspection Date:

By Appt. Only


Terrance Jacobs


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Project Overview

ONLINE AUCTION CLOSING SEPTEMBER 14 - All Asset from a Semi-Submersible 812 person accommodation vessel for offshore commissioning and construction support for harsh conditions. Currently located in the Port of Alabama. For further information, please contact our office.


Inspection: Important Instructions

Inspection of the assets will be held on Tuesday, September 13 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

You must contact Mike Galasso at 1-604-754-5499 by Friday, September 9 to schedule an appointment.

The vessel is docked at a secured port and you will be given strict instructions for accessing the site.


As this vessel is docked at a secure site, only those that have a current “TWIC Card” or are escorted by Albert’s Transportation Service will be allowed to board the vessel for asset inspection on Tuesday, September 13 or by appointment.

Due to security restrictions and health & safety requirements, only the approved rigging company will be allowed to work onboard for the dismantling and removal of the assets off the vessel. Individuals will not be allowed to perform any removal activities.  Click here for Rigging Quote Document.

Furthermore, only “TWIC Card” holding transport drivers will be allowed into the staging and pickup area. 
If you require further information, please contact our office.

Built in 1980, with major refurbishment in 2003.

The following is a preliminary list of major assets:

ACCOMMODATIONS: Complete module accommodation for 812 offshore personnel – Class DNV + 1A1. Also available: Full Industrial Kitchen, Laundry Equipment, Cinema, Gymnasium, Games Room, with 20 workstations, Medical and Safety Supplies; Etc.

CRANES: Deck Cranes fully hydraulic and diesel driven.

GANGWAY: Fully telescopic hydraulic automated gangway. 

THRUSTERS: Station Keeping Spec: DP@. 4 x 2.00kW azimuth thrusters (3.260 bhp). 2 x 1,5000kW fixed thrusters (2,040 bhp).

HOISTS: Portside Main Hoist: 50 ton at 11m to 17t at 50m; Portside Whip Hoist: 15 ton at 12m to 63 m; Starboardside Main Hoist: 40 ton at 12m to 10 ton at 34m; Starboardside Whip Hoist: 5 ton at 15.3m to 47m.

MOORING: 9-point wire anchoring system, 4 x double Hydrualic Bratttvaag drum winches, 1 x single Hydraulic Brattvaag drum winch. POSMOOR thruster assisted online mooring system.

ANCHORING: (2) x Bruce FFTS Mk4, 12 ton anchors completed with jaw and jaw swivel, (1) x Bruce FFT Mk4, 15 ton anchor complete with jaw and jaw swivel. (6) x Delta Flippers, 22.5 ton anchors complete with jaw and jaw swivel. 8 x 76 mm (3”), 2,250m, (7,380ft) anchor wire. 1 x 83 mm (3 ¼”), 2,250m (7,380ft) anchor wire.

GENERATORS: Total power output: 13,700kW, (7) x 1,880kW diesel generator sets, (3) x emergency diesel generator sets developing 140kW, 160kW and 240kW respectively.

HELICOPTER PAD: Rated 15T (Merlin EH101), 23m x 23m with capacity of 15 ton Aluminum construction.

LIFESAFING: 4 x 75 persons lifeboats, 8 x 64 persons Harding lifeboats; Duarry Solas 25 person life rafts; Large quantities of life jackets and containers.

STATION KEEPING AND MOORING: 9 point wire mooring system TAMS/DP systems with 6 thrusters 4 X AC motor driven and rotates 360 deg 2 X AC motor driven and fixed azimuth.

MISCELLANEOUS: MCC's; fire suppression systems; winches; welding equipment; motors; pumps; tools; spare parts; etc.

Detailed information and listing of all assets to follow.


Port Authority Mobile, Alabama


7611 Lake Road, East Bulkhead Mobile, Alabama (Adjacent to Mobile Bay), Mobile, Alabama, United States

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