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Project Overview

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Inspection: Friday, February 28 and Monday March 2nd from 10 am to 4 pm EST

Manufacturer of Unique Custom Ceramic Trims, Decors, and Mosaics

Design America develop patterns for floor and wall tile, backsplashes, trims, bullnosing and rosone. Major assets include: Ceramic Tile Cutting; Forming and Printing Machines; Screen printing systems; Electric and gas ovens; Bonding Assembly lines with drying and cooling sections and General Industrial Equipment/Machinery and Office furnishings.

Custom manufacturing of:

 - ceramic trims, decors, mosaics, and cut to size
-  mesh mount mosaics of different shapes and sizes
-  four Phase over-glaze tile process
-  further firing decors printing on fired glaze product
-  unlimited shapes and sizes for bullnose profiling process
-  custom modular cutting - starting 24″x36″ tile down

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Major Assets Include:

Cosmac Tile Forming Machine, Model SM3-3T, 2008, S/N 08021 with infeed and outfeed conveyors

Dipaz Tile Furnace, Model EL-35, 2002, 30,100 Kcal/H Capacity, Series 35120101 (unplugged)

Vlkiln Electric Oven, Model VL-50 1989, 36 x 36 x 108, 2300F max temp 36”x36”x108”

Studio Double Gas Ovens 72 x 96 x 96

Screen Printing Table

ECRC Tile Screen Printing

2000 Kemarc Tile Printing System, four screen printing sections, three natural gas drying station, capacity 40,000 BTU, 2000, S/N 130174, 130173 with conveyor belt and controlls

Studio Table Model Sharpener AS800 (incomplete)

Simec Tile Screen Printing Machine

Kerenel Tile Screen Printing Machine, Model VTM, Series N/D

Motorized conveyor belt to the oven

Technochimica Gas Drying Oven, model Rollerkilm TSM/20/1400, 16 burners, 2003 Series TS012/2003 (refurbished in 2011)

Two Stainless Steel Tanks, 2000 Gal & 2500 Gal, Basins and pumps for recovering ceramic powder

Real Tile Saw Cutting Machine, Model 72 15KW Series 041005 includes two heads, 24” conveyor with motorized conveyor vacuum cleaner

Real Model BL1 2005 Assembly and Gluing Line, includes gluing section with thread unwinder and cooling section with 6 fans.

Pragma Assembly and Gluing Line, Model Incollator Jungo, 2001, S/N 04-015-01, gluing section with thread unwinder and cooling section

Pragma Tile Saw, Model Segatrice Sego 4021D, 2001, S/N 01-035-01

Toksel Tile Saw, Model CS700, 2011, S/N 7-4014 with three heads and 18” conveyor

MK Tile Saw

MK Portable Tile Saw, Model MK100

Packing machine with Saturn Tunnel, Model Gamma, S/N 1683G

Set of molds for bonding tiles


General Plant Equipment

Two Washing Stations,

Mastervac Vacuum cleaner 30L Capacity,

Sundance Pressure Washer,

Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaner 68L Capacity

Hydraulic Press 20” x 30”

Red Lion Cement Mixer

Bailey Clay Extruder, Model MXP50

RK Vertical Air Compressor 10HP

Adec Air Compressor 3 HP

Devair Air Dryer

Progress Belt Sander

Water Dust Collector

Dust Collector (1 Bag)

Small Mixer for paint bottles

Tool Sharpener on Base

2 Skil Circular Saws

Fire Extinguisher

Fletcher Mixer Capacity 3HP

(24) Red Metal Platform Trolleys

800 tile racks, 

Mastercraft Welding Machine

Assorted worktables, trolleys and shelves

(2) Industrial Fans

Industrial shelving/storage racks

Shipping scale

12-Step Mobile Staircase

"Big Jack" Manual Palette Jack

Safety Cage for Forklift

(10) Stackable metal cages

(3) Manual Pallet Trucks

Motorized Conveyor Belt 20’

Raymond Forklift-Model 20R30TT 3000lbs, 8055 Hours S/N 20/1027-C

Raymond Forklift-Model 20R30TT 3000lbs, 9210 Hours S/N P20-80-20929

Raymond Model 111TM F601, Electric Palette Jack S/N 111-05-59507

Raymond Model 311.S.R40TT, Electric forklift, 4000lbs Capacity, 3052 hours, S/N 031F.89J4410

Varta Battery Charger

GNB Battery Charger

Petra Battery Charger Model 675

Orange Diamond Battery Charger-Model OD120 24/40, S/N 239450

Hertner Battery Charger, Model 3SF12-380, S/N DA-2918


Laboratory Equipment

Acroprint 175 Punch Clock

Simoniz Pressure Washer 1700 psi Capacity

Maximum Tool Chest

Submersible pump ½ HP

Electric hand tools

(2) 3 Door Metal Lockers

Fillon Paint mixing System

(2) Sartorius Digital Scale

Mastercraft Drill Press

Assoprint Apparatus, Model Raff Triceindrica.50, S/N 07002

Nuarc Mercury Exposure System, Model 40-1k-7LJ, S/N 7LJ F89 004

Serigraphy equipment

10 Sections of Metal Shelving including assorted parts and motors

Assorted ceramic tiles, packaging boxes, products from the production of ceramics and ceramic inks


In partnership with C3 - Crescent Commercial Corporation



Design America


3225 Rue Sartelon, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

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