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Lab & Biotech

Sale Date:

Mar 12, 2024

Sale Type:

Timed-Online Auction

Inspection Date:

By appointment only


Terrance Jacobs


(905) 660-1367


Project Overview

Timed Online Auction

TCL Asset Group Inc. will be offering for sale Biotech and Cancer Research Lab Assets of Phenomic AI by way of Timed Online Auction.

Assets include Cytometer |Semi Automated Electronic Pipette | Microplate Stacker | Plate Reader | Microvolume Plate | Thermal Cycler | Cold Storage | Centrifuges | Tissue Culture & Bacteria Equip. |+ Lab Essentials!

Bidding starts closing: Tuesday, March 12 at 11:00 AM ET

Inspection: By appointment only please call 905-660-1367

Assets Location: 250 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1R8

Strict Removal Deadline: All Assets must be removed no later than Wednesday, March 20 by 3:00 PM ET. No exceptions.

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  •  Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer
  •  Eppendorf EpMotion 96, 96-channel, semi-automated electronic pipette
  •  BioTek EL406 Washer Dispenser (96 or 384-well plates)
  •  BioTek Biostack 3 Microplate Stacker
  •  BioTek Synergy H1 Plate Reader
  •  BioTek Take3 Trio Microvolume Plate
  •  Eppendorf 6321 Mastercycler Pro vapo. protect PCR Thermal Cycler with Controller
  •  Charles River Endosafe MCS Multicartridge System

Tissue Culture:

  • Thermo Scientific 4' Biosafety Cabinet (1300 Series A2)
  • The Baker Company 4' Biosafety Cabinet (SG-403A SterilGARD III Advance)
  • BenchPro Deluxe Polyurethane Chair
  • Thermo Scientific Double stack CO2 incubators
  • Infors HT Minitron shaking incubator
  • VWR Inverted microscope VWR 89404-462
  • Fisher Scientific Isotemp Water Batch
  • Polyscience WB10 Water Bath
  • Thermo Invitrogen Countess II Automated Cell Counter
  • Joanlab Vacuum pump VP-10L


  • Eppendorf Benchtop Centrifuge Eppendorf 5810R
  • Beckman Coulter Microfuge 20R Centrifuge
  • Fisherbrand Mini Centrifuge

Cold Storage:

  • VWR CryoPro BR-2 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar with Sample Racks
  • Thermo Scientific Thermo -80 freezer Revco Ultima Plus ULT3280
  • Fisher Scientific Undercounter  -20 freezer
  • VWR Undercounter refrigerator


  • New Brunswick Scientific Excella E24 incubator shaker
  • VWR incubator (single, bacterial) INCU-Line Digital
  • Lab Research Products Undercounter refrigerator
  • Vacuum pump

General & Minor Equipment:

  • Thermo Scientific Nalgene 5L Water Carboy
  • Justrite Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet (76 Litre Capacity)
  • Justrite Acids Liquid Storage Cabinet (15 Litre Capacity)
  • Cole-ParmerFHD-200 Standard Ductless Fume Hood, 24"W; 115 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Metal wire shelving unit
  • A&D A&D Digital Analytical Balance, Model GF-600
  • Amazon (NEXT-SHINE)Digital scale
  • Black & Decker Microwave
  • Fisher Scientific Corning LSE Vortex Mixer
  • VWRVWR Tube Rotator and Rotisseries
  • Thermo Scientific Compact Digital Dry Bath/Block Heater
  • Fisher Scientific Incubating Microplate Shakers with Opaque Lid
  • Thermo Scientific 88882006 Microplate Shaker
  • IKA 3622001 RET basic Magentic Stirring Hot Plate 115V
  • Fisher Scientific 1152016SH Magentic Stirring Hot Plate
  • Fisher Scientific Isotemp 205 Water Bath
  • Hatch Hach HQ11d Portable pH/ORP Meter
  • Hatch MUPID One Electrophoresis System
  • Bio-Rad Mini Protean Tetra Cell
  • Bio-Rad Powerpac Basic Power Supply, 1645050
  • Tuttnauer 1730 Tabletop Autoclav

Important Information:

  • All assets are sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Please review the catalogs and read all LOT Descriptions carefully.
  • Buyer’s Premium is 18%
  • HST is 13%
  • Sale is conducted and payable in CAD FUNDS

Packing and Shipping: 

Navis Pack and Ship

Ray Friedman

Office: 905-264-5984


For further information please contact our office at 905-660-1367 or via email at

Sale proudly conducted with HERITAGE GLOBAL PARTNERS INC.



Biotech & Cancer Research Lab Facility


250 College St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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