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Financial Institutions & Leasing Companies

TCL Asset Group has been assisting Financial Institutions & Leasing Companies establish relationships with new clients, broaden existing relationships and secure, remarket and sell assets that have become redundant or surplus for over 50 years . TCL Asset Group’s professional Auction, Liquidation and Certified Appraisal services are an essential tool when you require accurate valuation of assets or timely asset conversion.

Lending Officers

TCL Asset Group’s Certified Appraisal Services are an essential tool to Lending Officers who are conducting a credit risk assessment when approving a new loan or determining the realizable value of chattel collateral assets when considering a loan renewal or extending a line of credit.  Your desicions hinge on knowing what the assets are worth at time of initial transaction, and what they will be worth if realized on.  TCL Asset Group's team of Certified Appraisers provide you with accurate and timely evaluations of a single piece of equipment, a complete process lines or an entire plant.

TCL Asset Group’s Forensic Asset Audit Services provide Lending Officers with a thorough and accurate accounting of subject assets for security registration, uncovering discrepancies that may dramatically alter future realization value.  Asset audits have become a key element in tracking machinery and equipment in the field and a valuable tool to protect the Lender’s present and future interests.


Collection Departments

Whether it's regarding equipment returned at the end of lease or equipment that has been repossessed due to default or delinquent loans, TCL Asset Group’s Auction and Liquidation Services will maximize the realizable liquidation value of assets while minimizing the turnaround time required for asset conversion.  In compliance with PPSA, TCL Asset Group can assist you with all aspects of the recovery and re-marketing processes.  TCL Asset Group works closely with bailiffs, machinery movers, shippers and other service providers to ensure a seamless securing, de-installation, recovery and relocation of the assets to our warehouse facilities, through to the re-marketing, final sale and remittence of funds.

Selling end of lease or repossessed assets?  TCL Asset Group will purchase your assets directly.  Contact us today.

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