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Receivers & Trustees in Bankruptcy

TCL Asset Group has been a key partner to Receivers and Trustees in Bankruptcy for over 60 years, responsible for selling personal property in connection with a proposal or bankruptcy.  TCL Asset Group’s Public Aluction Services are essential for timely asset conversion that will maximize the return for creditors, all while providing an open and public forum.

TCL Asset Group’s Public Auction Team includes auctioneers, project managers, on site supervisors and marketing staff who will assume full responsibility for the project, providing hands-on management and supervision of all related aspects, while working closely with you to protect and maximize investment recovery in full compliance with the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) and the Companies' Creditors Arrangements Act (CCAA).

Whether you are administering the affairs of the bankrupt estate, preparing an inventory of existing assets, recovering and liquidating an existing inventory or reviewing claims to the assets, TCL Asset Group’s accurate and timely Certified Appraisals, professionally managed Public Auctions and thorough Forensic Asset Audits are crucial tools to be relied on  when fulfilling your duties as a Receiver or Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Selling inventory, equipment and machinery?  TCL Asset Group will purchase your assets directly.  Contact us today.

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