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Business Owners & Operators

TCL Asset Group has been a partner to small business owners and corporate production managers alike, in assisting you to determine and realize the value of your surplus or redundant manufacturing equipment and machinery for over 50 years.

Whether you are closing your business in retirement, decommissioning a production line, or downsizing your surplus capacity, TCL Asset Group’s professional Public Auction Services ideal when you require timely asset conversion that will maximize your return. TCL Asset Groups Professional Auction Team includes auctioneers, project managers, on site supervisors and marketing staff who will assume full responsibility for the project, providing hands-on management and supervision of all related aspects, while working closely with you to maximize your return in a short time frame.

TCL Asset Groups Certified Appraisals are a trusted source of accurate values when you are applying for bank financing, government programs, insurance coverage or tax exceptions or when transferring assets internally from one plant to another.

Selling your surplus or redundant machinery and equipment?  TCL Asset Group will purchase your assets directly.  Contact us today.

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