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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) challenges and alters the business environment, I wanted to assure you that TCL will continue the provide the professional services you have come to know and trust for over 60 years.

Our team is implementing best practices, as recommended by government authorities. Currently, along with many of you, that requires us to work remotely. The TCL team is accustomed to traveling for auctions, appraisal and remarketing services throughout Canada, the U.S. and other parts of the world. We have built and retain a corporate culture and infrastructure capable of working effectively while remotely deployed and we continue to provide you with the essential services upon which banks, leasing companies and trustees rely.

Receivers and Trustees in Bankruptcy

When you are administering the affairs of the bankrupt estate, preparing an inventory of existing assets, recovering and liquidating an existing inventory or reviewing claims to the assets, TCL Asset Group’s accurate and timely Certified Appraisals, professionally managed Public Auctions and thorough Forensic Asset Audits are crucial tools to be relied on when fulfilling your duties as a Receiver or Trustee in Bankruptcy. TCL Asset Group’s Auction and Liquidation Services will maximize the realizable liquidation value of assets while minimizing the turnaround time required for asset conversion.

Financial Institutions & Leasing Companies

TCL Asset Group’s Certified Appraisal & Audit Services are an essential tool to Lending Officers who are conducting a credit risk assessment or determining the realizable value of assets when considering a loan renewal or extending a line of credit. Your decisions hinge on knowing what the assets are worth at time of initial transaction, and what they will be worth if realized on. TCL Asset Group's team of Certified Appraisers provide you with accurate and timely evaluations of a single piece of equipment, a complete process line or an entire manufacturing plant.

While the current challenges have, for the time being, altered the way we do business, the TCL Asset Group team continues to be ready to assist you in conducting yours.

Please contact me personally to further discuss how TCL can assist you during these unsettled times and with your preparations for the return to normalcy.

Terrance Jacobs, CEO

TCL Asset Group Inc.

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