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Real Estate Auctions Limited (REAL) has been offering buildings and properties for sale throughout Canada for over 40 years. As a leader in the auction industry, we continue to stimulate the marketplace by generating interest in all types of real estate, from major industrial buildings in urban centers to vacant lands in rural communities. The majority of our clients that engage our services are financial institutions, legal firms, trustees, and government agencies in search of a structured timed approach, providing less carrying cost, and increased market value. 

Real Estate Auctions Limited is a full-service provider. At the start of the project, our team will provide property management services, and appraisal services, and put together Property Information Packages (PIP) that will be distributed to interested purchasers. A detailed marketing plan will be designed, a minimum starting bid will be established, and inspections of the property will be arranged for qualified purchasers. On the day of the sale, potential purchasers will be registered, deposits accepted, and the auction will take place.

Our success stems from our team members who have years of experience in both marketing and selling real estate and strong educational backgrounds in urban planning, law, and business.

Our approach is different than traditional marketing techniques.

Both sellers and purchasers have told us that conventional means of selling real estate:

We employ a direct approach to marketing, using high-impact advertising, concentrated at a variety of potential purchasers including investors, developers, speculators, and end-users. Structured over a 4 to 6 week period, interested purchasers are provided with detailed PIP, giving them the details to make an informed decision. Due diligence by the purchaser is completed before the auction, accelerating the closing period.

We provide purchasers with the advantage of competitive bidding under a specific time structure.

By providing an interactive format, qualified purchasers are directly involved in the outcome of the sale. Purchasers bidding against each other at the same time, are aware that the property will sell within seconds, stimulate interest, and provide a sense of urgency, which ultimately increases the selling price.

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